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IT Services: Our Unique Approach

At CarefreeIT, we believe that IT should be carefree. We provide all of our IT support under one comprehensive plan: the Total Care Plan. It is the only plan we offer, and it is designed and optimized to take the worry out of IT for you for a flat-rate, all-inclusive monthly cost. This unique service approach, called "managed services" makes us Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph's only complete managed computer services company. The Total Care Plan is focused on your business results, however, and here are the top 10 business results you can expect from it:

Predictable Monthly Costs Strategic Planning Consistently High Productivity
You'll know, with certainty, what your IT support will cost you from month to month. There are a myriad of IT options out there. How do you know what makes sense in your situation? We'll work with you to analyze your choices and help you plan and select the IT solutions that are right for your business goals and budget. ...from consistently high system performance. Your systems will run as new, from the day they are installed until the day they are retired.
Reduced Capital Costs Reduced IT Management Costs Less Risk
By finely tuning your systems, you'll get longer life out of the IT you've already purchased and can delay new IT investments. We'll manage all aspects of your IT so you can focus on doing what you do best. The fact of life is that IT components do fail. With our best practices and tools, we'll significantly reduce that risk and, when problems do happen, we'll be there quickly to get things right again.
Happier Employees Competitive Advantage Enhanced Security
Nothing frustrates employees faster than shaky or unpredictable IT systems. We'll ensure that your systems are running well, and, if there are problems, your staff will have professional help only a quick phone call away. Your IT will work for you - not vice versa - and you'll be more agile in the marketplace and better positioned to adapt to a continually changing business environment. Threats to your confidential data and proprietary information are everywhere. We'll put the processes in place - and monitor them 24/7 - to ensure that your systems and data are secure.
Peace of Mind let you sleep better at night knowing your vital IT systems are professionally managed and you don't have to worry about them.