10 Handy Tips in Microsoft Outlook 2010

By: Stephanie Petrashko

Our latest video tutorial covers a variety of topics in Microsoft Outlook 2010. You can watch the video below, or click on the timestamp listed next to the topic you're interested in to watch it on YouTube. In our tutorial, we cover:

1) Using your Outlook calendar (setting up appointments, different calendar views, personalizing your calendar, private vs. public calendars, sharing/publishing your calendar, setting single and recurring reminders). 1:30

2) Creating meeting invitations. 9:20

3) Sending read receipts and delivery receipts. 11:10

4) Customizing ribbons and toolbars (creating custom tabs and groups to contain frequently used commands). 14:10

5) Managing spell check and AutoCorrect (adding custom words to your dictionary, correcting misspelled words as you type, inserting symbols). 17:01

6) Importing Excel contacts into your contact list in Outlook, and exporting existing Outlook contacts into Excel. 21:09

7) Sharing folders and adding permissions to view folders. 25:28

8) Recovering deleted items (recover messages, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes, even after they have been deleted from the "Deleted Items" folder). 28:46

9) Conversation views (expanding/collapsing messages that have the same subject). 31:19

10) AutoArchiving (archive your e-mails automatically using the AutoArchive feature). 33:32

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10 Handy Tips in Microsoft Outlook 2010