Another Botnet network taken down

It was announced today that Microsoft worked with the FBI in the US to take down thousands (yes, thousands) of botnets that had infected literally millions of computers around the world.  (A botnet is a network of computers infected with malicious software that is remotely controlled - for nefarious purposes.)  These particular botnets were used to steal banking information and create fraudulent transactions.  

The computers in the botnet were infected via pirated copies of Windows XP (i.e. people bought computers with illegal copies of Windows XP) or by phishing e-mails.   These are e-mails - purporting to be from financial institutions - trying to trick people into releasing banking passwords, etc.

Lessons learned?   First, it’s another reason to retire Windows XP.  Are you planning your upgrades yet?   Second, don’t ever respond to e-mail messages purporting to be from your bank.   Third, ensure your company’s firewall has the capability to block traffic from known botnets.

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