Beware Fake E-mail from ADP

There is a new “phishing” e-mail that appears to come from the payroll processing company called ADP.  (Phishing refers to a technique to trick the recipient into going to a fake website - in this case, an imposter ADP site.)   

The fake e-mail has a subject line “ADP Immediate Notifications” and it directs you to websites that host a Java exploit (see my previous blog post).   Once you’re tricked to go to the website you’ll get infected with a couple of Trojan viruses that turn your computer into a “bot” under remote control from nefarious bad guys. 

This is a perfect example of the risks presented by Java that I warned about in my previous post.  It’s also another example to always beware of fake e-mail messages.  A little bit of paranoia is a good thing and can keep your computer and data safe! 

For the techie details on this scam click the link below: