Introducing Webroot Anti-Virus Protection

By: Stephanie Petrashko

Webroot is an anti-virus protection that we will be remotely pushing out to all systems by the end of July to replace ESET, the current anti-virus protection.

Webroot is a very different type of anti-virus protection, in that it is cloud-based, meaning that it doesn’t have any definition updates or patches to download. Therefore, if malware is detected anywhere in the world, your system is immediately protected instead of having to wait for the next definition file update. Webroot also offers generally better protection than ESET, including protection against all variants of the Cryptolocker virus. Finally, Webroot has an “undo” feature that allows it to roll back changes made by a virus if the virus does slip through.

The change from ESET to Webroot is not expected to have any impact on your system performance and is no cost to you.