What Is CarefreeSmartReport?

By: Stephanie Petrashko

CarefreeSmartReport is a tool that allows us to manage best practices across your IT infrastructure with the goal of making your IT truly carefree. It provides a comprehensive report summarizing all of the different facets of your IT (backups, Internet connectivity, password policies, etc.), and measures them against our standards. By doing so, we can:

  • Measure the alignment of your IT against our best practices
  • Identify important issues/weaker areas in your infrastructure and discuss suitable recommendations
  • Discuss the business impact of aligning your technology with our standards, including your return on IT investment, and the risk of being out of alignment with best practices.

If you are a client of ours, we will be running CarefreeSmartReport on your systems and meeting with you over the next few months to review and discuss your results. We plan to run it on your systems annually to provide you with comparative reports. The tool will not affect your system performance and is at no cost to you.

Sample report:

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