Be Wary of Facebook "Dislike" Button Scams

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By: Stephanie Petrashko

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently answered a question about a "dislike" button on a forum. While the details of the button are not clear, Zuckerberg confirmed the company is working on a button that will allow users to "express empathy".

In the meantime, scammers have jumped on this opportunity and are sending phishing e-mails to users with the false promise they can get the new "dislike" button in their profile. If you click on any of these links, you may install malware on your computer, be tricked into giving out personal information, and/or be spammed heavily with offers.

If you see any e-mails or postings about a Facebook dislike button, it is almost certainly a scam. Do not click on it, open any attachment, fill out forms or forward the message to others.

Remember: "If in doubt, throw it out."