App of the Week: SplashID

Keeping track of my endless user IDs and passwords has got to be one of my biggest headaches on the web.   Best practises say you shouldn’t (you don’t do you?) use the same user ID and/or password on multiple web sites.  The reason being, of course, is that if one website gets compromised then the hacker could use your credentials to access any other site you frequent.    So, at the very least, you should be using a different password on every site or computer that you log on to.  But, how to keep track of them?  Post-it notes are not the answer… keeping a Word or Excel document isn’t the answer because chances are they won’t be with you when you need them.   So, what to do?  I use a great app called “SplashID” from SplashData (see    SplashID lets you securely store user names, passwords, URLs, bank PINs, credit card numbers, bank accounts, door combinations, wi-fi network codes, membership numbers or just about anything else you can think of!   You can separate your personal information from your business information and you can even create your own categories. 

There are versions of SplashID for Android, Blackberry, Apple IOS, Windows phone, Windows desktop and MAC OS.   If you buy the Windows or MAC version then you can synchronize with your mobile copy as well.   They aren’t free but $30 or so is cheap for the security it provides.

Of course, you’ll want to put a password on your SplashID installation but then that’s the only one you’ll need to remember!