Fun with Mr Rogers

When the iPhone 5 was announced on the 14th I tried logging into Rogers’ (my carrier) website to “reserve” a new phone.  I had skipped over the iPhone 4 and 4S models and was now past the end of my contract and, of course, like new toys.   Also, my iPhone 3GS was proving to be slow with the new versions of the operating system.   I didn’t want to wait in line with the hordes on September 21 so I figured reserving a phone was a more civilized approach.  Well, Rogers’ website was busy taking other reservations but after a day or so I was finally able to reserve my phone.

Friday (September 21) was launch day for the new iPhone.  Oddly enough, I got a phone call from a company representing Rogers on that day.  I was expecting they were going to tell me my phone was ready for pick-up but, no, they wanted to review my current phone plan to see if there was any way they could save me money on it.  OK… not sure why Rogers cares if they are charging me too much but I played on.   The sales rep noted that my contract was up and wanted to know if I’d like a new Samsung Galaxy Android smart-phone.  Really? I told her I was waiting for a new iPhone 5.  She then went on to tell me how much better the Galaxy was than an iPhone!  So, on the iPhone 5 launch day - no doubt a big day for Rogers - she is bad-mouthing the iPhone?    I told her I already had an iPhone reserved (she couldn’t see that on her system?)  and that I had too much data and money invested in iPhone apps to consider moving platforms at this point.   It soon became obvious that the goal of the call was not really to save me money but was to push a Samsung Galaxy Android phone on me - on the iPhone 5 launch day!  Seriously???

When I insisted that I wasn’t going to buy a Samsung Galaxy she then reviewed my phone plan and, to her credit, did find me a few dollars in savings.   Right before the call was over she noticed I also have a Blackberry.  Her next question was, “Would you consider replacing your Blackberry with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone?”    Arghhhhh!!!!

So, on Friday - the big launch day - I ventured over the mall on my lunch hour just to check out the line-up at the Apple Store.   There were about 40 people calmly waiting in a corral outside the store - kind of like the kids lined up to see Santa at the mall at Christmas.   Smugly, I walked on to have my lunch secure in the knowledge that Rogers was fast-tracking a phone to me.

After lunch, I walked by the Telephone Booth store in the mall and, just for the heck of it, I strolled in to see if they had any new iPhones.  They said “Sure, which one would you like?”.   I couldn’t believe my ears!  I said “Why are people waiting in line outside the Apple store for hours when, not 50 steps away, you have them here?”.  The sales rep’s response was that people simply don’t know they sell them.  Unbelievable. 

So, despite my phone reservation with Rogers, I told the rep I’d take one.  When he found out that Rogers was my phone carrier his face dropped.  Well, apparently, Mr Rogers missed the memo on the iPhone 5 launch because their systems were overloaded and had been down all day!   He had an iPhone he could sell me but couldn’t activate it on Rogers’ systems.   Ugh. Anyway, he offered to hold the phone for me and let me know when Rogers’s systems were accessible again.   Later that evening I went back over and picked up my new phone without having to wait in any lines.  I’m sure Rogers was disappointed when I cancelled my reservation (yeah, right) but they’re still getting my monthly payment.

So far, I love the new phone!  The retina display is very easy on the eyes and I like the larger screen and, boy, is it fast.  I haven’t had a chance to try it on a 4G LTE connection yet (are you listening Mr. Rogers?) but hopefully soon.   Once I’ve used it for a while I’ll write more but I thought my adventures in Mr Rogers neighbourhood were just too special to keep all to myself.