Relax! Let our experienced team handle all of your IT support needs

John Balch
President and CEO; Senior Technical Consultant

John Balch believes that the IT of your local business should be carefree, so you can focus on your business and do what you do best.  That is why John is now celebrating 16 years of business success in the Region of Waterloo, as the award-winning CEO of CarefreeIT.  

With a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo; John has the ability to identify hidden patterns in data, far beyond standard analysis approaches.    Combining a love of mathematics with a desire to solve real-life problems, has resulted in a positive impact on local businesses throughout South Western Ontario.  John finds his work extremely rewarding, as he and his team provide solutions to help maximize the value of technology investments, while aligning business goals and achieving successful partnerships along the way. 

Gary Ticknor
Manager, Client Services

Over the past 25 years Gary has specialized in supporting a wide variety of Computers, Servers, Software and Network Infrastructure, from the old Windows NT Servers to the new Cloud based services such as Microsoft Office 365. The one constant has always been change. Change is a continuous occurrence in IT and every change introduces its own set of support issues and challenges for Computer Technical specialists and users alike.   For Gary, this is part of what makes and keeps the IT Industry so interesting, it never stands still for long.   He has continually worked to improve his problem solving skills, patience and perseverance in order to support our many and varied client computing environments and to increase the support levels we offer, to meet our client needs. 

 With a balanced background of strong technical and Customer Service skills, Gary is able to communicate effectively with our clients, by breaking down complex tasks and explaining them in simple terms without the use of a lot of technical jargon.  He has always enjoyed building a rapport with our clients and providing an explanation when helping to solve their IT problems, so that they can focus on what they do best.  Working for the #1 Managed Service Provider in the Region of Waterloo is very rewarding to Gary.  He finds his work deeply satisfying, knowing that we have provided excellent, timely service to our clients so that their businesses will be more successful, as a result of the work we have done.  Gary is proud to be the Manager of our great team of IT professionals at CarefreeIT. 

Marilynn Smith
Business Development Specialist

Marketing, Communications & Public Relations; that's not just what she does, but who she is.  Marilynn is the life of the party; she easily attracts and connects with others, because of her great enthusiasm, confidence, energy and genuine interest in helping others.  Marilynn is passionate about Marketing, optimistically seeking possibilities and opportunities in everything she does with the goal of making a lasting positive impact.  Developing and delivering messages which increase the value of a company by raising awareness, creating demand and establishing a positive public image, is one of her specialties. 

A natural born social networker, Marilynn is all about connecting people; she is an original thinker with lots of ideas who loves meeting new people, listening to their stories, building her network with like-minded individuals and helping to make a difference in the world.  By listening, interpreting, asking questions like "why" and problem solving to develop mutually beneficial relationships, Marilynn exemplifies excellent communication skills.  According to Marilynn, her job is all about creating win-win opportunities, she considers her work to be highly rewarding as she gets a thrill from being the catalyst for positive change, long lasting partnerships and successful outcomes, as demonstrated by her vast network of connections in various industries.  We feel extremely lucky to have Marilynn as our team's exuberant Cheerleader and CMO.

Vanessa Reimer
Business Analyst

Vanessa is passionate about her work, digging deeply into the heart of issues to gain a higher level of knowledge with the goal in mind to develop organized processes and balance.  She derives great enjoyment from being part of an innovative team that inspires one another to achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.  Her strong written and verbal communication skills along with her willingness to accept new challenges makes her an excellent fit for her role at CarefreeIT, as our Business Analyst.

With years of experience in research, development and teaching, she is eloquent, co-operative and hard working.  Vanessa earned her PHD from York University and now uses her academic skills to develop and implement strategies, policies and procedures for the CarefreeIT team.  As a productive team player, Vanessa is very insightful, creative and collaborative.  She is soft spoken, yet decisive and tackles every project with diligence and integrity. 

  Sukhjinder Singh                                                                                                                                                    Senior Technical Specialist

With a passion for making a difference, Sukhjinder is focused on providing complete solutions, not just quick and simple, but comprehensive, all-inclusive results that make a huge impact on the success of our clients businesses.  With extensive proficiency and knowledge of Desktop, Server, Email and multiple Software issues, Sukhjinder is ready to tackle your toughest IT challenges.  You can count on him to be inovative and to finda a way to make things better, providing clients with an impeccable sense of dependability, security and assurance.  With exceptional communication skills and nearly 20 years experience in the IT Industry; Sukhjinder is a dynamic, enterprising professional who works tirelessly to clarify, explain and solve IT issues for clients.  

To Sukhjinder, a positive customer experience is not a strategy for good Customer Service, but a well demonstrated result of his skills and talents.  He is on top of the trends in our industry, quick to detect and react to issues and concerns and he makes the most of every opportunity to strengthen customer relations by seizing every opportunity to increase retention and provide complete Customer Satisfaction.  We are extremely pleased to offer our clients the reliable advice of our trusted source for overcoming challenges after regular business hours; Sukhjinder is an indispensable part of our team here at CarefreeIT.

Pete Seeger
Technical Specialist

Pete is one of those guys who just LOVES technology, computers and electronics, he finds this ever changing world quite fascinating.  Known for thinking outside the box, Pete specializes in Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, Investigations, Incident Response and Physical Security Risk Assessments.  He always gets a thrill out of finding the cause of IT problems and developing solutionf, whether it's our client's networks, servers or Firewalls, recovering lost data, helping to clear out some nasty viruses, or leading the migration of moving 230 users from one software program to another, we count on him and so can you.

Bringing a unique skill set to the team at CarefreeIT; Pete helps us balance our offerings to clients with the level of reliability that allows them the comfort of sleeping peacefully at night to the sound of crickets, because of his hard work and diligence to get the job done right.  Security and Communications are Pete's to strengths and believe it or not, that's hard to find in the IT world.  Pete is extremely good at communicating in plain English without a lot of technical jargon and is always willing to take on new challenges, especially when Computer Security is at stake.  Pete contributes an added dimension of knowledge and expertise to the team when it comes to fighting virus outbreaks, network security issues and vulnerabilities, he is our Security Specialist.  

Jane Etharia
Technical Specialist

For Jane, happiness lies within the joy of overcoming challenges; she is an assertive, hard working, resourceful IT professional who enjoys focusing on results as she collaborates with others to work towards a common goal.  Specializing in configuring and supporting various computer systems, smartphone devices and more, with extensive Help desk support knowledge and experience, Jane holds several Microsoft certifications.  She uses Active directory, MS SQL Servers, Exchange Servers, Blackberry Enterprise Servers, Linux, Server Virtualization, Implementation and Administration to ensure that our clients have a smile on their face after seeking her consultation.

Communicating with others, conceptualizing solutions, organizing people, processes and change, to find a better way of doing things, is what Jane does best.  We rely on her proficiency in listening, her quality work and strong attention to detail, to ensure that our clients are informed and up-to-date.  At CarefreeIT, we are proud to have Jane on our team because we admire the way she takes charge, excels at logistical reasoning, is quick-witted and articulates detailed feedback with extreme efficiency, enabling us to make a difference every day. 

Meral Isilak
Technical Specialist

Meral uses advanced cutting edge technology to support client user base with superior Customer Service skills.  Technology is a subject that Meral excels in, she takes pride in her work with a high level of integrity, practical knowledge and tireless dedication.  She is goal oriented and focuses on planning and implementing tasks with great patience and accuracy.  Analyzing information, verifying facts and applying best practices, policies and procedures.  Meral exemplifies good decision making skills to lead our clients through system upgrades, maintenance and set up projects.  As a quick learner with a strong technical background, Meral enjoys fixing technical issues that eliminate worries for clients.  With proven time management skills, we rely on Meral to accomplish System & Network Administration related assignments including TSQL (Transact Sequential Query Language) developments and more.  Meral is hard working, self-sufficient, sharp-minded, honest and dependable.

Yan Huang
Technical Specialist

Full of life and energy, Yan is a realist with a down to earth attitude.  He enjoys solving problems, pushing boundaries, experimenting with new ideas and putting things together in ways that others might not think of.  With a constant sense of practicality, he wastes no time at all in drilling to the initial cause of a problem and uses his rational skills in technology to find solutions.   Yan showcases superior Customer Service skills every day, as he communicates clearly and efficiently with others, providing direct, factual information, drawing from his extensive experience in the IT Industry with various computer programs and applications.

Yan thrives in a hands on environment full of action oriented opportunities, which makes him an excellent fit in out Help Desk IT Support Team, because he is quick to make decisions, spring into action and deliver results as quickly as humanly possible.  He is a fun loving guy who is known for his charming personality, which makes it easy for him to connect with others naturally and his work hard/play hard mentality enables him to balance both.  With a practical focus on what does or what could work best, Yan is innovative and inspiring to his team mates and he can always be depended upon in a crisis, for his trouble-shooting brilliance.

  Sanjeev Kumar                                                                                                                                                        Technical Specialist

Sanjeev enjoys implementing and maintaining clients' infrastructure alongside Senior Technicians and working independently while solving day to day help desk issues. He accurately documents his work and applies a strong focus on first call resolution by applying his vast experience in supporting IT networks for small and medium sized businesses across a variety of industries.  Following new and emerging trends in technology, enables him to hold a high degree of resourcefulness and flexibility.

With the ability to prioritize and multi-task many activities concurrently, Sanjeev fulfills a vital role in our Help Desk team here at CarefreeIT as he works on a wide variety of IT initiatives and projects.  He provides remarkable Customer Service to our clients by quickly reacting to our clients' needs.  Sanjeev has a strong technical background and excellent time management skills.  He uses the latest technologies to empower our clients by developing customized modifications, performing system upgrades, migrating new users and maintaining systems and resources.

Nicole Gallant
Service Coordinator

Nicole is an authentic, professional Service Coordinator, who just loves helping others.  She is an excellent listener who offers to share her knowledge, guidance and advice whenever possible.  With a strong background in Customer Service, experience in IT Managed Services as well as direct experience in Dispatching and Purchasing; Nicole fits perfectly into her role at CarefreeIT.  Known as a fast learner who collaborates well with our Help Desk Team, Nicole provides clients with immediate support and schedules assistance for our clients with great speed and accuracy.  As an effective communicator, Nicole is quick to react to client's needs and always does her best to provide as much detailed information as possible, in a clear straightforward manner.  

Nicole is calm, approachable and reliable, she enjoys sorting details, improving action plans and organizing everything.  She is a hard worker who focuses on efficient communications, meeting timelines and budgets, all while following steps and procedures with absolute veracity and patience.  Nicole is extremely dedicated and always sees things thru to completion; to her, information is King and she is the Queen of organizing it.  Nicole shines in creating order, objectively coordinating responsibilities and tasks to create harmonious environments and she is happiest when everything is in balance.