Spam Filtering SecureMail: E-mail Protection Service

Spam – the electronic time waster.
Every year, spam and other malicious e-mail costs businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity and technology expenses. For most e-mail users, sorting through a mountain of unwanted e-mail messages has become just another part of their business day. It doesn't have to be that way. You can take control of your inbox.

More than just an annoyance.
Consider the following:
•  Four out of five e-mail messages sent across the internet are spam.
•  In the past, most spam consisted of unsolicited advertising. Today's spammers use e-mail messages to mass deliver Trojans, spyware, worms, viruses and other forms of "crimeware" in an attempt to steal your personal information, or to get your computer to steal from others.
•  Undetected crimeware can seriously impede your system's performance and cost you thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity and related IT costs.

The fastest, easiest and most effective way to stop unwanted e-mail.
Stop wasting time and resources dealing with unwanted email. Our SecureMail service affordably protects you from unwanted messages by cleaning your e-mail before it even gets to your inbox. Over twenty layers of e-mail defence analyze and filter your e-mail outside of your network perimeter. E-mail from known spammers is stopped dead in its tracks. Virus infected messages are deleted before they can get near your system. Directory Harvest Attacks and Denial of Service attempts are blocked. Your time and resources are freed up for legitimate business!

Get a free 30-day trial!
Don't waste another minute fooling around with spam. To get a free, 30-day, no obligation trial of SecureMail, send an e-mail to with contact information (name, company and telephone number or e-mail address) and we'll contact you to get you started.

Secure Mail At A Glance

•  You send and receive e-mail as you normally would.

•  Incoming e-mail is routed through the SecureMail service (powered by SpamSOAP) where it is analyzed and filtered before it is delivered. Multiple layer e-mail defences stop known spam, viruses, and other unwanted e-mails from entering your mailbox - you simply never see them.

•  Legitimate mail is delivered; suspicious messages are deposited into an external quarantine area for future handling if desired.

•  Built-in Disaster Recovery layer holds your mail for up to five days in the event of an e-mail outage.

•  Affordable subscription-based service activates in minutes with no software to install - simply set it and forget it!